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Infinitely better.


Elevate Perfect Practice® by aligning its appearance with its high quality and price point. Designing for both retail and online stores to ensure a consistent and high-end presentation that appeals to customers everywhere.

Responsible For: Logo/Word Mark Design | Brand Strategy | CGP Design | Market Research 


Exceeded expectations in launch sales, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy. Roadmapped a long-term strategy for continuous growth, ensuring ongoing success for the brand.

The Mark

Why We Practice


In designing the logo for Perfect Practice, I embarked on a journey to capture the essence of practice as a never-ending pursuit of improvement. Through many iterations and explorations, I aimed to symbolize the continuous journey of becoming better than before. The final design reflects this perpetual cycle, embodying the dedication and resilience required in the quest for perfection. Each element was carefully crafted to represent the ongoing effort and commitment to excellence that defines Perfect Practice.

The Packaging

Who Strives for Perfection

Inspired by high-end sports car companies, the design packaging used The Hero archetype as the north start and was developed to exude a sense of mastery. The sleek and powerful aesthetic aimed to reflect the innovative qualities of the brand, while the bold and adaptable visual elements were crafted to ensure standout appeal and premium feel, resonating with consumers who value excellence and aspiration.


Achieving cohesive package design means aligning every element purposefully, enhancing visual appeal and guiding the viewer’s eye seamlessly. Strategically placing text, images, and graphics reinforces the brand message, making the packaging both functional and visually appealing.

The Launch Marketing

Perfect Just Got Better

Assisting with the launch marketing was a seamless experience, thanks to Logan Witlow’s incredible photo shoot and Mark Hoban’s outstanding copy. I set up templates in Adobe XD to easily swap assets, making the creation of numerous ads quick and efficient. Their exceptional work and my streamlined process ensured a visually captivating and compelling campaign.

Thank You!