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No Fault

Improve to fail better


Dockery’s, located in Charleston, NC, introduced a new beer specifically crafted to be enjoyed at the Volvo Car Stadium. Named “No Fault,” this golden ale was designed to be refreshing and light, perfect for the hot spring and summer days. It made its debut at both the spring Volvo Tennis Open and the summer music series events. The can design aimed to captivate customers, ensuring readability from a distance while appealing to both tennis enthusiasts and concert-goers.

Responsible For: Market Research | Logo/Word Mark Design | CGP Design


Although this design did not progress to production, the process of conceptualizing a product that appeals to two distinct customer profiles sharing the same space and love for craft beer was invaluable for my continuous growth in my craft.


Lines & Vivid Colors

Inspiration & Exploration

Bounce – Spin – Move

The results

"No Fault" day / night

No Fault Day Beer

Getting lost in the details

I love designing details that most people will never notice. 

"No Fault" by Day

A light looking design with lots of movement. The lines mimic the bounce and spin of a tennis ball.

Front wrap day beer

The reflection of the top of the N in the bubble

The depth of field in the bubbles

The shadow on the U being cast by the line above

No Fault Night Beer

"No Fault" by Night

Go dark when it’s time to party!
Here the lines take on the flow of music, volume, and rhythm. 

Thank You!