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Martha Stewart

Amazon.com Holiday

The ask:

To understand the Martha Stewart branding strategy and implement it to several categories, going to multiple sellers with individual needs, all within an incredibly aggressive timeline.

Overall Responsible for:

Market Research – CPG Design & Engineering – Photography – Retouching – Photo Compositing – Support Graogics – Production – Specing & Proofing

The Problem

Due to the tight timeline, I would not have the 36 trees to shoot in house.

The Solution

We requested photos to be taken at the factory and I would retouch, silhouette and composite as the goods were on the water.
As you can see, I had my work cut out for me. 

In The End

All of my technical skills and project management skills were put to the test on this Q4 rush. The Martha Stewart team was thrilled with my work and the final results.