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Logos &
Brand Mark

The ask:

To design a memorable logo or brand mark that targets the right audience for that company, product, or client.

Overall Responsible for:

Market Research – Creative Direction – Brand Strategy – Trade Mark Research – Graphic Design

Here are some of my favorites

Let’s take a closer look.

Bright ™

Designed for a growing line of fun LED lights for young adults and teens. It’s hard to miss this look on the shelf!

Savvy+ ™

Designed to be used on a large variety of home and tabletop goods. Savvy+ works well in large box stores and small boutiques.

Boston Warehouse ®

This redesign of Boston Warehouse Trading Company’s logo was to reflect their shift away from whimsical products. 

Sixty Percent ™

Designed for a hydration line that targeted health-conscious, on the go, women.  

cool hands ™

This fun line of neoprene mitts and bottle covers needed a mark that was hot, cool, and memorable. 

Clean ™

Designed to breathe new life it to a line of cleaning products that were cycled in and out of markets over a decade.  The value of rebranding to this look was not recognized by the client and died there. 

Wicker Park ™

Bethlehem Lights turned to me to design a mark for their new line of faux plant decor for QVC. 

Market St. ™

Designed to be a disruptor in the flatware space, which tends to lean heavily into masculism. 

Pickey ™

It was becoming clear in late 2014 that cannabis was going to be an emerging market in Massachusetts. I went to work on learning the packaging and marketing laws by making it a design challenge. The goal was to design a brand that spoke to the business professional. 


Designed, in a rush, to hit a red hot market and ride the “millennial verbiage” trend. This flash in the pan trend is cringe-worthy now.