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HBC Soda

The ask:

Henniker Brewing Company asked me to design the look for their new soda line. This line would be sold at the brewery as an alternative option to beer. They did not know what they wanted but together we worked out the key needs.

  1. Could not look anything like the beer cans
  2. Needed to be easy to read from a distance 
  3. Should be visually appealing to kids and adults

This hard to ignore can design is a great success, outperforming expectations and growth revenue!

Responsible for:

Market Research – Brand Strategy – Graphics Design 


Bubble & Floe

The quick concepts

Knowing the customer would be looking at these cans from behind the other side of the bar, I focused on communicating the type of soda in each can. The large letter makes it simple for a busy bartender to grab the right can without reading each can. 

color con

These were my first thoughts on the color for each style of soda.

The results

Root Beer
root beer flat label

Thank You!