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Henniker Brewing Company

The ask:

I’ve been with Henniker Brewing Company from their first beer release, over 7 years ago.  HBC’s needs have changed over time and I am always ready to providing insight, a plan and a great look.

Responsible for:

Logo/Word Mark Design – Creative Direction – Market Research – Brand Strategy – CGP Design – Specking & Proofing

The marks:

A wearable brand

In early 2019 HBC looked to me to put together a re-work of the logo. It needed a face lift and it needed to  fit better on apparel, hats, stickers and the like. 

The exploration 

The deliverable

Seasonal Releases​

The seasonal release cans keep a simple look that can be quickly recognised as a HBC beer.

Limited Released Cans

The fun stuff

The marketing team at HBC knows what they want out of these cans and its my job to stay within the  basic  branding rules while finding opportunities to show beer lovers they are in for something special!  

There are SO MANY…these are a few of my favorites.

Swag & Gear

Merch is a must for any brewery . 
Some of what I show in this section are concepts I showed to HBC and are not available.