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The ask:

to revive the Chefs® brand and reintroduce it to the mainstream market with a fresh appeal, targeting a younger demographic. While the brand already had a loyal following among older consumers, our mission was to make it relevant to a new generation of customers.

Responsible for:

Logo/Word Mark Design – Creative Direction – Market Research – Brand Strategy – CGP Engineering – Photography – Copy – Production

The mark:

Simplified Logos & Lowercase Lettering

With so many designers focusing on typography the shift to a type-based logo is the norm today. Using all lowercase letters is a little more unusual and can be an attention-grabbing solution.
Doing this with short and simple words work best. Too
many letters or words with capitals can get cumbersome
in readability.

trend inspiration

My style scape to guide me 


The packaging:

Something Special in Unboxing

Unboxing is a moment of excitement and I engineered the Chefs® flatware packaging to take full advantage of that. The boxes would be made in China and Vietnam so assembly needed to be simple and seamless. A sense of premium at a great value is achieved with soft-touch matte paired with spot UV.


I will often close my eyes and build a box in my mind. My hands will fold this imaginary box as I think of it.

Final thought:

My perseverance to bring a fresh CPG geared toured the habits of a younger consumer should pay off for the Chefs® license and my client.

Thank You!