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Honing a dull brand.


Revamp Chefs® with a modern visual identity, logo, and packaging to resonate with the younger market.

Engineer an exclusive unboxing experience for Chefs flatware, blending unique design and luxury for enhanced customer delight. 

Responsible For: Logo/Word Mark Design | Creative Direction | Market Research | Brand Strategy | CGP Engineering | Photography | Copy | Production


Effectively engaged young consumers with a sleek, modernized look, driving strong retail sales and distinctively setting Chefs apart from competitors.

Successfully designed and engineered a flawless flatware box produced seamlessly by three different suppliers across three countries, ensuring a consistent and delightful customer experience across every product line.

The Mark

Simplified & Lowercase

Choosing this style, especially with short and simple words, stands out and grabs attention. Avoiding excessive capitalization enhances readability for a clean and effective design.


The Packaging

Something Special in Unboxing

Elevating the unboxing experience to a moment of pure excitement, I crafted the packaging for Chefs® flatware with a focus on unique simplicity. The fusion of soft-touch matte and spot UV conveys a sense of premium quality and enriches the overall customer experience.

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