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Angry Orange

The scent of success.


To execute a comprehensive overhaul of Angry Orange’s brand system, focusing on enhancing hierarchies, boldness, and flexibility to reinforce brand identity and customer engagement.

Responsible For: Market Research | Logo/Word Mark Design | CGP Design & Proofing | Amazon Listing Design | Marketing Assets


The comprehensive update to Angry Orange’s brand system yielded remarkable outcomes, driving a 34% increase in sales with new graphics and securing retail partnerships with major players like Target, Walmart, and Petco. This success also became a case study for Amazon sellers, highlighting Angry Orange’s bold approach, reinforcing its market presence and recognition.

Angry Orange_Before After

The New Mark

Fun & Flexible

We designed the Angry Orange logo to be fun and flexible, inspired by a rising sun symbolizing a fresh new day. With playful elements and a versatile design, it easily adapts to different marketing materials and product lines, reflecting the brand’s dynamic nature and supporting future expansion.

The Packaging

Customer First

As an Amazon-first seller, we prioritized customer convenience by prominently featuring the product name in an extremely large font. This strategic move not only enhanced the shopping experience for customers but also enabled Angry Orange to stand out in the crowded pet mess selling space on Amazon. By ensuring clear and bold product identification, we elevated brand visibility and made it easier for customers to find and purchase Angry Orange products amidst competitors.

A Perficient Fit

With the assistance of cross-functional teams, we transition  our products label’s from sticker to shrink-wrap, which involved identifying and vetting new suppliers. This collaborative effort resulted in significant cost savings in labeling expenses. By implementing shrink-wrap labels, we achieved greater efficiency and effectiveness in packaging, contributing to enhanced product presentation while reducing overall costs.

The Listing

Artboard 3 copy 8-min

When They Zig, We Zag

Our Amazon listing stands out with bold  images that oozes “this sh!t works” vibes and outstanding copy, thanks to the incredible copywriting team behind this brand. Despite the unpleasant subject of pet pee and poo, we keep it fun with a touch of grunge, turning an otherwise mundane topic into an engaging and entertaining experience for customers.

Thank You!